College basketball play-by-play statistics

About This Site

There are a lot of good basketball data sources on the Internet. But one thing that seemed to be missing was a good source of college basketball data derived from play-by-play results. This site gives me a way to present these data.

I hope this site can be a resource for fans of college basketball. You can read an explanation of the data tables or return to the main page and look for your favorite team.

About The Author

My name is Jeff Haley, and I am a huge college basketball fan. My serious playing days ended years ago; it turns out that division one coaches don't beat down your door when you are a 6-5 center. I am a contributing author for Burnt Orange Nation, where I write about basketball.

You can follow me on Twitter (@jeffchaley). If you wish to contact me, please use the information here.

Updated 2013-04-09